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Listed are some of the most asked questions answered by your Oak Creek Trustees. If your question is not listed, please us.

No building permit is required.
- Homes that border E. Powell and South Old State that currently have the perimeter white rail vinyl fencing may not remove or replace it. You generally can install an additional fence on the easement, within your lot that is a 2-rail white wood or vinyl fence. See your specific deed restrictions.
- Fences must go on the property line.
- If you have any utility boxes on you property, it would be inside the fence. Just keep in mind the utilities have the right to come inside the fence if necessary.
- Posts must be facing in towards you, not your neighbors.
- Fence cannot be higher than 6 foot
- Fence must be wood or vinyl. Deed restrictions say no chain link, metal or plastic fences.
- You will be responsible to maintain the fence, to include staining or painting, and replacing any broken or worn posts, slats, doors, caps and trim.
- You must trim both sides of the fence after mowing unless neighbor has their own fence.
- If you plan to paint the fence (not stain), please contact your trustees for color approval before painting.

According to the Humane Society of Delaware, owners are not required to obtain a license for cats at this time in Delaware County. If strays become a problem, contact either the Human Society or game warden.

No. According to our Orange Township Fire Department, Delaware County's fire code requires all fire hydrants to be painted yellow.

Oak Creek Deed Restrictions prohibit sheds or outside storage structures of any kind (even dog houses). You might consider added a third garage (contact Orange Township zoning commission or a general contractor for specifications), or find storage local storage space that you could rent.

The primary reason is that Orange Township decided some time ago not to allow parking in the cul-de-sacs and limit street parking to the side of the street opposite fire hydrants for those streets less than 27 ft. wide to allow for emergency vehicles to pass through (conforming with national fire codes.) The sheriff cannot enforce it without signs being posted. So they are putting the signs up as they can throughout the developments. In sections where all streets are the same width, they are only putting up a sign as you enter into the section. The cul-de-sacs have no parking signs.

There is nothing specific in the Deed Restrictions about a barking dog. Please talk to your neighbor about it first. Most times the neighbor is not aware their dog is annoying others, and will try to accomodate.  If you cannot talk with your neighbors about their barking dog or you haven't had any success, call the Sheriff's Department.

If you choose to have a satellite dish, the maximum size of a satellite dish is 24" and it must be attached to the back of the house or garage and it cannot be more than 12 feet from the ground. These are Orange Township codes and these parameters will continue to be strictly enforced.

The Orange Township Trustees prohibit our planting of trees in the right of way. If and when the position of the township changes, then the deed restrictions do allow for a single type of street tree to be planted at the homeowners' expense.

Ponds are being chemically treated with maximum chemicals. Ponds can only be treated once every 14 days.  If we notice algae issues, we ask the business hired to treat our ponds to investigate if there is a reason why the chemicals are not effective in controlling the algae and see if there is other action that can be taken to correct the situation. Algae can also be a problem if we don't have regular rainfall and the pond(s) go below normal levels. Once it starts to rain again, usually the algae goes away. 

When elections are coming up and Political Season is once again approaching, we wanted to revisit the policies on yard signs.

The Deed Restrictions state: “…no sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on the premises, except one (1) temporary sign of not more than five (5) square feet advertising the premises for sale or rent…”

However, the Trustees agreed in September, 2014, that they would not attempt to enforce restrictions to signage that is of a temporary nature (displayed less than 30 days, at intervals of not less than 60 days), professionally done (handwritten only acceptable for yard/garage sale), and of acceptable size (5 square feet except for special occasion banners, i.e., graduation, congratulations, etc.) The Trustees will, however, enforce and limit the number of commercial signs permitted on a property to one (1).

Please note that political signs are not considered commercial signs. Therefore, residents can have more than 1 sign displayed in their yards. However, we request that you wait until October 1st to display political signs.

Thank you! 

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