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HOA Updates

• 2024 Homeowner Annual Assessments fee is listed below through March 31st if paid online with Credit or Debit Card (includes convenience fee).

Oak Creek Association HOA Dues 2024


Pay now

 • If paying by check the fee is $165.00 through March 31st. Make check payable to Oak Creek Association and mail to P.O. Box 626, Lewis Center, OH 43035.

 • Do you have other miscellaneous HOA payments due? Such as interest (late fees), enforcement assessments, payments against dues, liens, or anything else not listed. Make a payment now by clicking on this link.

Trash Pickup Update

Memorial Day: Monday, May 27, 2024
Independence Day: Thursday, Jul. 4, 2024
Labor Day: Monday, Sep. 2, 2024
Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, Nov. 28, 2024

If you have any questions concerning trash pick up, please contact Orange Township or Rumpke.  

Solar Panels

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are pleased to announce that the Ohio Congress has passed and Gov. Mike DeWine has signed Ohio SB61 into law. This allows for homeowner associations to permit solar panels outside of the deed restriction language. The Solar Panel Guidelines & Application Form are posted below. There will be certain restrictions and your project will need prior approval.

Your Board of Trustees


In order to ensure that property owners have the freedom to employ alternative energy solutions, if desired, solar collectors may be placed on the roof of a dwelling, located in such a way as not to obstruct windows of adjacent homes.

Before installing solar panels, please contact the HOA for approval. The engineering plan must be approved and conform to the established guidelines for the Oak Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. Primary considerations are the impact of solar panels and your home and the neighborhood.

Procedure for Obtaining Approval:

The resident requests an application from the HOA or gives the contractor permission to do so. There is a $25.00 application fee. Whether the resident or contractor completes the application, the information must be complete, accurate and conform to the established HOA guidelines in order to be approved. The completed application along with a copy of the plans, the proposal, and images of what the project will look like, and the application fee must be submitted for tentative approval. Final approval will only be given after permitted by Delaware county. After building permit(s) are secured, proof thereof must be submitted for review by the HOA. Upon approval, the resident will be notified in writing (letter or email) that installation may begin.

Solar Panel Guidelines:

1. Homeowners should first consider all existing structures and landscaping before selecting a site for any proposed solar system.

2. All plans must be preapproved by the HOA prior to installation.

3. Preferred location of flush-mounted, 4' x 6' solar panels is rear-facing, roof mounted array. Flush-mounted panels (i.e., the plan of the array is parallel to the roof) on a roof facing a street may be allowed if documentation is provided from the solar contractor indicating this is the only feasible location for a solar array. (This exception affects most corner houses since there is exposure to more than 1 street.) If panels are on a side or rear roof, the array may be tilted or raised if a variance is granted. Ground mounted solar panels are prohibited.

4. All components of the solar system should be integrated into the design of the home. The color of the solar system components should generally conform to the color of the roof shingles to the extent practical. Solar “shingles” that mimic the look of a composite shingle are NOT acceptable.

5. The installation of all solar heating and cooling systems shall only be done by a licensed installer. Applications submitted to the HOA should include:

a. A diagram “drawn to scale” by the licensed contractor installing the system showing where the system will be installed;

b. Aerial Photos of the roof area where the array will be mounted;

c. Material to be used and/or manufacturer’s description of the system, photos and/or pictures of the system and color of the system.

d. Where possible, provide photos of similar existing systems as examples.

6. Piping and electrical connections will be located directly under and/or within the perimeter of the panels and placed as inconspicuously as possible when viewed from all angles. No visible/exposed conduit or connections; i.e., conduit wrap, metallic or non-metallic, must match color of house.

7. The highest point of a solar panel array will be lower than the ridge of the roof where it is attached.

8. All painted surfaces will be kept in good repair.

9. Changes to adjacent property should not impede an existing or soon-to-be-installed solar system.

A variance to certain sections of these guidelines may be granted if compliance with these guidelines would significantly increase the purchase price of the solar system or significantly decrease its performance or efficiency. If a homeowner seeks such a variance, they must provide a minimum of two bids depicting the cost of installation of the solar system.


Safety Alert Image

Be aware that coyotes are present in the area, and are seen in our neighborhood from time to time. One was last seen on Friday, October 6, 2023 by a neighbor on Aniko. Please take time to be alert to your surroundings especially with children and pets.

Association News


Your membership dues post card has been mailed and you should have received it. You will be able to pay by check or credit card. This is for the Oak Creek Association, located in Lewis Center, OH.

2024 DUES:
Payment of dues for 2024 are $170.09 (includes convenience fee) through March 31st if paid online. Pay HOA Fees Online

If paying by check* the fee is $165.00 through March 31st.


 WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAY YEARLY HOA DUES? By owning a home or residing in Oak Creek, you have agreed to pay yearly association dues. Non-payment of dues may result in having your property liened, plus accrue penalties and interest. If you cannot pay your dues in one lump sum or at this time, or you haven't paid previous year(s) dues, please contact our treasurer Randy Green immediately to make payment arrangements. Thank you!

*If paying by check click here for mailing address.

Road Improvements in Delaware County and surrounding areas affect our community. For a current construction schedule for our area, click here: Road Improvement Schedule

Rumpke Holiday Schedule for this year (our zip code is 43035): CLICK HERE
Trash Removal Issues: If at anytime during the year Rumpke misses your street or home, please call them immediately at 1-800-828-8171 or contact township hall during normal business hours. Our normal trash day for Oak Creek is on Friday, and may be delayed one day on holidays. 

Calling before you dig holes or trenches in your yard is important not only for safety reasons, but also because IT'S THE LAW! By law, homeowners should contact O.U.P.S., 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764, at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) or submit their request online with e-dig, the easy online remote ticket entry system for homeowners, before beginning any digging project.

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