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Upcoming meeting and archive of previous homeowner meetings

2019 Spring Homeowners Meeting
Tuesday, April 2nd, 7:00pm
Orange Township Hall
As a resident of Oak Creek, you are invited to attend our next Spring Oak Creek Homeowners Association meeting. It will be held at Orange Township Hall. The meeting will include electing Trustees for this year, review of our Budget, important issues facing our neighborhood, plus answering any questions you would like to present to our Trustees. 

Oak Creek Association, Inc.
Homeowners’ Meeting Minutes
7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 13, 2018
At 7560 Gooding Blvd. (N. Orange Pool Community Room)

1. Welcome and Introductions by Gloria Gaskey.   

    a. First, a thank you was given to the residents who made the extra effort to attend due to the change in our meeting location (which was due to renovations being done at Orange Township Hall.)

   b. Rosalind Katz was welcomed as Trustee to fulfill the vacancy left with the resignation of Ed Zirkle.

   c. A special thank you was given to Beth Steyer for her efforts in passing out notices to residents about trash violations.

2. Randy Green, Treasurer, highlighted the Budget and Dues for 2019. Dues will remain $150.00 per lot for 2019. Dues can be paid by check or money order and mailed to OCA at P O Box 626, Lewis Center, OH 43035-9626 or paid on PayPal. 

3. Gloria Gaskey reviewed the 2018 Activities and Plans for 2019. In 2018, the Association was successful in getting the Olentangy Local School District to pay for and Orange Township to install and maintain flashing, 20 mph school zone signs on Oak Creek Drive for the protection of our children attending Oak Creek Elementary School. We also have been working on getting Orange Township to correct the drainage issue at the corner of Oak Creek Drive at E. Powell Road caused by the installation of the Bike/Pedestrian Path. We will continue our efforts in 2019. 

In 2019, time permitting, the entranceway beds at the corners of S. Old State and Powell Road will be re-landscaped including new stones and sprinkler system (which were demolished as part of the widening of S. Old State. Other improvements planned include replacement of the white, split-rail fencing to run the perimeter of the development and pond enhancements. 

4. Nelson Katz reviewed the Deed restrictions on trash and commercial vehicles. Trash bags and containers cannot be left in view of your neighbors. They must be kept in your garage or hidden by shrubs or an enclosure. Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked in the street more than 24 hours in any 30-day period. If you don’t have a copy of your Deed Restrictions, they are available on the Association website at 

5. Rosalind Katz—Provided reminders that when the Snow Falls, shovel your sidewalks and do not park on the street so that the snow plows can remove the snow; and that dogs owners keep their pets on a leash and “pick up” after them. 

6. Open Discussion included additional comments about: 

   a. deed restriction violations, letters, and enforcement fees. 

   b. Stopping for emergency vehicles. 

   c. Safeguards: locking house and car doors, keeping cars in garage, keeping valuables out of view, shred documents, etc. 

7. Adjourned

2018 Fall Homeowners Meeting
Tuesday, November 13th
Meeting started at 7:00pm, and was held at the Community Room at North Orange Park. This is due to renovations at Township Hall. 

Minutes from Previous Meetings

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