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Upcoming meeting and archive of previous homeowner meetings

Oak Creek Association, Inc.
Homeowner’s Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 @ Orange Township Hall

1. Welcome and Introductions. It was a pleasure to welcome those residents in attendance along with special guest speaker Sgt. Daniel Yarnell, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office to the meeting. Followed by Introduction of candidates for Trustee. There were no floor nominations or write-ins.    

 2. Business: Dues Income/Expense Status was delivered by, Randy Green, Treasurer. The annual budget is about $60,000. The dues are $150 for 2017 and have not been increased since 2010. We have collected 85% of the dues for 2017.  

3. Balloting and Counting—Ballots were counted and recorded by Randy Green. Trustees Gloria Gaskey, Nelson Katz, and Edward Zirkle were re-elected.  

4. Special Speaker: Sgt. Daniel Yarnell, an 8-year veteran of the Sheriff’s office, addressed the OCA attendants about traffic and safety in our neighborhood. Born and raised here, Sgt. Yarnell is keenly aware of the growth and challenges in Orange Township over the last 20 years. There are only 7 deputies assigned to cover all 459 square miles of Delaware County. Sgt. Yarnell shared with statistics about retail thefts, residential thefts, robberies, breaking and entering, home invasions (only 1), vandalism, canine, mental health, juvenile, credit card ID theft as they related to Oak Creek. He noted that theft is generally up every spring. Suggestions were made to deter crime for each of us:    

a. Lock your house and car doors.  
b. Keep cars in the garage.  
c. Do not leave valuables in sight (house or car).  
d. Keep your garage door closed. 
e. Turn on your outdoor porch and coach lights and leave them on all night. 
f. Shred your bills, checks, and other papers that contain personal identification.
g. Never give your social security number over the phone to anyone.  

Traffic and speeding: Results of our recent speed study on Oak Creek Drive and the trial Special Duty Officer patrol of 6, 3-hour shifts from 12/15/16 -1/1/17, showed that the highest North Bound (into the development) volume was between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.; cars traveled between 19-31 mph. The highest South Bound (exiting development) volume was between 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. with substantial speeding noted. There were 20 traffic stops made on Oak Creek, Cottonwood, Sedona and Powell resulting in 16 warnings and 4 citations. All 4 citations were issued to residents  

The Sgt. Reviewed the Special Duty Patrol program and how it benefits the community by providing an additional presence. Besides speed control, it provides the ability for the officer to become familiar with the residents and homes and to be able to get a feel for anything out of place.. 

5. Open Discussion: 

South Old State Update— Available for viewing were maps showing all lots that would be impacted by the construction and maps of where the county will plant 4 species of trees, in groupings of 6, 50 feet apart. The trees will be planted between the curb and the multi-purpose path. Also available for viewing was a copy of the Acceptance to our counteroffer for damages for $110,632 which we have received and is set aside for improvements after construction is finished. 

It was noted that work has begun--utilities are currently being moved, but construction is not scheduled to be completed until Spring 2018. 

Traffic will be maintained throughout the duration of the project, with the exception of some possible short-term closures at some of the intersections. Exactly when those will be will be determined once construction continues. They will have signage and message boards to give us plenty of notice. 

The Association will continue to maintain landscaping around the construction and through the balance of the development to include edging and mulching the trees on both sides of E. Powell and the remaining 5 entranceway beds. 

6. Adjourned at 8:35 p.m. 

Next Meeting Location and Time 
Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 7:00pm,
Orange Township Hall (east of Old State Road). Everyone is welcome!


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