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FREE CLASSIFIED Listings for residents of Oak Creek, Oak Creek East, Prestwick Commons, Summerfield Village, The Shores & Villages of Oak Creek HOA's (Lewis Center, OH)

Who can submit an ad & what type of ads do we accept? Current residence of any of the associations listed above can submit a free ad.  Ad cannot be business- or opportunity-related which will not be accepted UNLESS it is a teenager offering baby-sitting, dog walking or other similiar type business to make extra money. You can post up to 3 FREE classified ads at any given time. Examples are furniture, toys, auto, bicycle, clothes, TV, and so on. All ads are reviewed for content before being posted, and may be edited or refused at our discretion. You will be contacted and given the opportunity to change or resubmit if declined. Approved ads will be posted as soon as possible (it’s FREE, people!) Also, since these are FREE ads, we will not make any changes to copy after 24 hours of posting unless we enter the information wrong. Please check your ad for accuracy once we notify you of ad placement.
KIDS! We accept free ads in the category of babysitting, lawn mowing, dog sitting or walking, or other similar type services as long as it is NOT a professional business or offered by an adult (18 years or older). This is a great way for TEENAGERS interested in making extra money for school and personal savings. 
Submitting a picture, how long will ad be placed, etc: One free picture per ad only. We only accept JPG, GIF or PNG digital formats only. We do not accept any other formats. Picture may be reduced in size and resolution to fit on page and load quickly. Include in your infomation provided about ad in the CONTACT FORM below, and let us know you want to include picture(s) and we will provide you with an email address in response. How long will an ad stay online? As long as you want! We will remove ads upon your request, or after several months. If you want us to extend it, let us know. To submit an ad (the only way) - please use the FORM below. Use current ads as a guideline. Disclaimer: We may refuse to place any ads we believe are inappropriate for our web sites, and our decision is final.
Business Ads - We do not accept business-related ads on our classified ads. This free service is exclusively for our HOA members. If you would like to be a supporter or find out about other advertising options we have available in our community, please email your inquiry to with your request. Thank you!  

Classifieds Contact Form

Requirement: Please fill out each box below.

Directions: In the Message box, include your ad copy and how you want to be contacted. We suggest a phone # and/or email address. Please try to limit ad to no more than 50 words. We do not write copy, and if your ad is incomplete it will not be processed.  Once your ad is placed it can not be changed unless we made a typo. We will delete your ad at no charge, but once removed the same ad can not be reposted for a period of ONE year.  Ads are usually placed within 24 hours.  Old ads may be removed without notice unless you contact us within 2 month of listing that you want to continue. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you! 

Photo: Please include in your message you want to include a picture (not required to run an ad), and once we receive your copy, we will inform you where to email your photo. Your photo must be in digital format and either GIF, JPEG or PNG only and less than 1mb. 

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